09 August 2010

litlle flower dress

On Wednesday, I am going to stuttgard for a few days.
Do you have any tips for great shops?
Thanks! <3

Christina Key

08 August 2010

A wild thing

(Pictures are not mine, I dont claim the rights of them)

OMG the Leopardprint is coming back again! Everybody is crazy about this crazy-wild print. Stars like Rihanna, Kate Moss, Taylor Momsen, Shakira or Christina Aguilera like the Leopard style.
I think this trend does prevail, if only briefly.
In my opinion its very difficult to yield a few it-pieces in leopard look without looking dirt cheap.
But its a nice challenge!
So I hope a few of you are trying to mix outfits with leo-pieces.
So in this way I would like to to stage a little duel.
You can send me your best leo look, (ChristinaKey@web.de)
and the best 5 looks, I will show on this blog and of course, call attention of your blog!
I am looking forward your commiseration! :)
Ah and you must not be a follower of this blog, so everybody can be a part of this challenge!
And I think I do a little interview with you. :>
So and now, here goes! ;)


Jetzt da ihr ein paar Inspirationen habt, möchte ich eine kleine Challenge veranstalten.
Dabei müsst ihr mir euer Bestes Leoparden Outfit, am besten per
 E-mail (ChristinaKey@web.de), zuschicken & die Besten 5 werde ich dann auf diesem Blog vorstellen. Außerdem werde ich dann auch noch auf euren Blog hinweisen und evtl. ein kleines Interview mit euch machen. Falls ihr Lust habt, freue ich mich sehr auf eure Anteilnahme!
Ihr müsst auch nicht undbedingt ein regelmäßiger Leser dieses Blogs sein! ;)
Also dann mal los ihr Lieben! ;)

Christina Key

07 August 2010

Trendy for autumn

The Girls:

The Boys:

(Pictures are not mine, I dont claim on their rights)

Trend = Leather, red, nature-coulours like
brown or camel, sweet buttons, XXL scarfs, black, ethno prints, jeans and grey.

What do you think about that trend?

Christina Key.

04 August 2010

Too much "ah" & "uh".

shoes - PK

Craig David - one more lie

Today I just relaxed. This is good, because busy life are coming after the holiday. So I watched TV
 ("the super guru"), had one of my favorite ice-cream (Ben&Jerrys - cheesecake), yeah its really expensive. This little piece costs 5 €! But its just amazing and endless YUMMY! :)
In the evening I walked a little while with my sister in the forest next door. XD
So and now I am writing on my blog. So and after that I am going to watch any shit on tv and drink a special drink, made from a very good "drink-mixer" - Dan. ;)
So and now I wish you a good evening and sleep tight,
Christina Key